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Tools 4 Hope Programs

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Accelerated Woodworking

Want to acquire new skills fast?

If so, then the new Accelerated Woodworking curriculum at Josh’s Hope might be for you. The faster-paced course will teach skills needed for basic entry level employment at businesses such as hardware and home improvement stores, cabinet and furniture making companies, construction companies and even entrepreneurial pursuits making and selling handcrafted wooden products, such as cutting boards, coasters, benches, stools, candle holders, etc.  

Participants will learn a wide variety of skills related to woodworking, including shop safety, terminology, materials used, proper use of hand and electric tools, specialty machinery, project planning and organization, etc.

Welding and Plasma Cutting

Interested in learning skills in metalwork?


Josh’s Hope will offer a two-part class in Welding & Plasma Cutting for Beginners on Monday, July 19th and Wednesday, July 21st, 5:00-8:00pm. Class size is limited to three (3) participants to provide the optimal learning experience. The curriculum is ideal for anyone wanting to develop either artistic skills in metalwork, or learn basic skills around fabrication. Each participant will complete a stand-alone sculpture from available materials, PLUS a small side table. Participants will be taught skills in proper technical applications of welding and plasma cutting, as well as learn vital protocols to safely use tools and equipment of the trade.

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Climbing Hope

Climbing Hope is a summer enrichment program which offers opportunities for engagement with an audience of transition-age young adults, primarily 16 to 24-years-old, who struggle with emotional-behavioral challenges, substance use or general lack of motivation to improving their outcomes. The program is only offered during summer break and incorporates a variety of activities to inspire and motive this younger population, including components of futures planning, outdoor adventures such as hiking, canoeing, fishing or rock climbing, training in use of carpentry tools and completion of a woodworking project, expressive art time and more. The ultimate goal of Climbing Hope is to instill a sense of pride, self-confidence, self-advocacy and leadership interest in participants. The program is offered as weekly sessions in July and is fee-based.​


Foundations 4 Hope Program

This program is supported in part by the Orange County Sheriff's Office and Orange County Criminal Justice Resource Department


Foundations for Hope (F4H) program at Josh’s Hope Foundation, Inc., (JHF), established in partnership with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Orange County Criminal Justice Resource Department in collaboration with Troy Manns, Peer Support Specialist certified in Substance Disorders counseling.


F4H is an evidence-based model utilizing peer support to motivate recovery among inmates at the Orange County Detention Center (OCDC) who have substance abuse and/or mental health issues. A certified peer support specialist and substance disorder specialist facilitates peer recovery support groups at the OCDC twice weekly...Read More.

Family Hope Programs

Community Workshops & Parent Support

*Due to COVID-19, all workshops have moved to a virtual format. One-on-one parent support is still available, as well as online support via the Facebook private group or virtual meetings. Contact for details.*

Josh's Hope offers support to parents raising young adults with mental health conditions in both groups and one-on-one sessions to help them navigate the realm of adult services. Workshops on a variety of topics aimed at educating and informing parents on different aspects of services are also provided four to six times annually.

Expressive Arts Time

*Due to COVID-19, Expressive Art Time gatherings are temporarily on hold*

Recognizing that stress can be a major factor in some households, Family Hope also offers bi-monthly expressive arts therapy classes which provide participants an outlet of creative expression and support. Offered on second Saturdays in February, April, June, August, October and December, 10:00am-12:00n at the Josh’s Hope Cedardell facility in north Hillsborough, the expressive arts classes are fee-based, typically just $10 per class. Advance registration required.

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