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1 in 4 youth in our country competes with mental health challenges, yet  there are very few services for job preparation and fostering life-long skills and well-being.  Mental wellness is vital to having a successful, healthy life.

It can be a very difficult challenge when your family member or friend is battling mental challenges.  Support from family, friends and peers remains an essential element in the recovery process, and finding a supportive service plays a major part in helping that young adult build independence.

Josh's Hope provides an avenue to success by providing students and families with three pillars: Building Confidence, Instilling Hope, and Inspiring Self-Determination. Josh's Hope provides participants multiple platforms  and opportunities to learn and thrive in a supportive environment.


 Josh’s Hope Foundation serves residents of Central North Carolina, ages 18-35 who live with mental health conditions and/or struggle with a substance disorder.  We provide vocational skills, job preparedness, independent life skills and therapeutic supports customized to meet the individual needs of participants.

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Youth suicide attempts have doubled in the last decade.  It's never been more important that youth with mental illness are provided a clear path to success.


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