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From the ~Unleash the Power of the Mind~ collection and the award winning writer, Clarence T. Rivers, comes a masterful explanation of the mind and the various personality disorders and mental illnesses.

"An excellent look into minds of those with all types of personality disorders...powerful stuff!" - Elliot Moore, Book Critique

Topics of Discussion

- Personality Disorders and Mental Illnesses
- Psychopathy Defined
- Crime and Psychopaths
- Psychopaths vs. Sociopaths
- Sociopath Defined
- The Goal of a Sociopath
- The Weaknesses of a Sociopath
- Dealing with a Sociopath
- Narcissism Defined
- The Narcissist in You
- The Narcissists of Today
- How to Deal with a Narcissist
- and much more!

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personality disorders & mental Illness

Mental Health: Personalities: Personality Disorders, Mental Disorders & Psychotic Disorders Paperback

At some point in your life you will probably start to think you are losing your mind, or that someone you know is in danger of losing theirs. The truth is that modern life is extremely stressful; there are many demands on your time and never enough hours in the day.


However, being at the end of your tether, worn out and overwhelmed is not the same as having a mental disorder. In fact mental health covers a wide range of illnesses including those which most people are aware of, such as Schizophrenia (which is classed as a psychotic disorder). What you may not be aware of is the number of people who have personality disorders and the reasons for these disorders. Most people are not diagnosed until into their twenties and symptoms will naturally reduce in their forties or fifties.

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